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started The Informed as a way to express ideas and spread awareness, as well as chronicle my personal journey through the Information Age in my own search for truth. In the process, I have stumbled more and more upon my own understanding of what is true, at least to whatever extent that may be to me. And through this lens I try to look at issues that matter to me. Some of these issues I have thought about for decades, and some I had only become aware of in recent years or months, and yet whether old or new, each issue we face has a constant tide of new information and developments. The pace of change is at once exciting and frightening in its severity, its relentlessness and its speed.

I wanted to be able to share insights of my own, but more importantly, I wanted to share the growing body of wisdom from interconnected disciplines from around the world, things that I had discovered. My inspiration has been from investigative journalists, socially conscious comedians, musicians and writers, filmmakers and scientists. In a world where scientific and social literacy are becoming more and more scarce, there is a larger need to share ideas, all of us in a unified voice, to educate and spread what we have learned to be true. The sad reality is that most people are not properly informed about the facts, and in these dark times I think that it's everyone's responsibility to look for and learn the truth.

I have done my best to include as many references as possible in all of my articles for more in-depth reading, for those that wish to delve deeper. Mostly, I wanted to share some of the broader concepts around what we are currently facing as a way to initiate some and bring others over from a place of apathy to the side of good, all through the inclusion of thinkers from all disciplines; philosophers, scientists, theologians, artists, story-tellers, historians, anthropologists, sociologists, the works. There are countless wonderful and informative books, articles and websites from around the world pertaining to social change and activism, and these are of immeasurable inspiration to me in writing these articles. I hope to have the honour of contributing to some of these excellent publications in the future. For now, I will continue to share what I have learned, and hope to continue to learn from the many people devoted to change. I make no attempts to appear to be a definitive resource, but I do point the reader to those who are in support of my arguments.

We are all at different points in our personal journey towards understanding and enlightenment, and we are all at a different stage of awakening; some far along a life-long path to understanding, and others just experiencing the first glimmers of becoming aware. But let us be patient with one another and not forget that we are all working towards one goal; to free our planet and all the living things on it from the iron grip of tyranny. We are at a critical and late stage of this game, and time is of the essence more than ever before. We all owe it to ourselves, our families, our children and each other to share truth wherever it may be uncovered, and to shine a light where now there is only darkness.

As we all become more informed and aware, we also naturally shun bigotry, greed, lust, corruption and the dark side of our humanity. In this way, we all lighten and enlighten the world more and more until eventually, we will tip the scale of justice in our favour, in favour of good and in favour of the future and our survival. With our collective resources actually harnessed and put to good use, without the greed of corporate institutions ruining our planet for profit, or wars being fought for resources and money, our potential is unlimited and the greatness of humanity has not even begun to shine. Our finest hour is coming.

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