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Ignorance Is Strength: Trump & The Age of Lies

The allusion to George Orwell's novel 1984 has been obvious, natural and somewhat pedestrian in it's undeniable relationship to the administration wreaking havoc in the United States since January 20th, 2017.

As much as the progressive folk among us have had to watch as liberties, rights and hard-fought victories have eroded in the face of ignorant and destructive policy, one after the other in quick, unyielding succession, the more illiberal have been exonerated. And yet the approval of this ill-tempered, under-qualified, racist and unsympathetic brute continue to nose-dive in predictable fashion. The under-educated or non-educated do continue to gather for the rallies and they still chant "lock her up" somewhat unintelligibly, but few dare to publicly condone the so-called leadership that now embroils the Union. Many are ashamed of their choice. And many more are now ashamed of their country. Once a great nation, now quickly becoming a shithole.

As we slip down the slope of what is just and right and good, we risk losing something dear - namely the ability to know truth from lies, and this is the point of insanity from which we must retreat now. This is the point that has been reached, and this is the point where we also risk slipping too far - too far to know how to get back up and too far to know which way is up anymore at all. We, all of us citizens of a planet that needs rational thought more than it ever has, are complicit in this series of lies and lies upon lies. I need not bore the reader with clippings of the tweets, the 140 character thoughts, or partial distinctions that a mere 140 characters cannot even convey in grammar that would make the even moderately well-read weep. The fact that we need to quash a thought or minimize or excerpt it to fit this idiom is not only making us dumber, more importantly it is giving strength to the ignorant, and now the ignorant wield the chalice. Not because of it, but through it. Abbreviated, truncated and deceptively crafted half-truths and non-truths piled upon one another until there is no up, no down and no truth anymore. This is the slope that we have slipped down. Those who warned us did well to do so, but the time has passed for half-measures to remedy this.

The racism, misogyny, hate-filled profanity, disdain for the media, dim-wittedness and self-obsession aside, the fact that the so-called leader of the free world needs to lie so fequently, so fervently, and so pathologically that it seems he actually beleives his own garbage - herin lies the problem. In a world so torn apart and so embattled by division, a man in a position of power, let alone such a high office as his, must be held accountable when caught lying. Held accountable and removed from office. Plain and simple. We have always known that some policians will lie, but such blatant disrespect for anything good and truthful in this world only for his own gain, to lie constantly without regard to the cost or consequence, this is something that is simply too dangerous to tolerate anymore.

Now, the audience was the biggest ever. But this crowd was massive. Look how far back it goes. This crowd was massive - Trump lying about the crowd at his inaugeration

We are well past the point where any thoughtful person would doubt whether or not Trump possesses any good qualities of humanity at all. He has answered that for us with a resounding nyet. Sean Penn recently wrote an article eloquently detailing his ignorance, calling him an enemy of humanity. And I would have to agree. An enemy of the truth in these times, is an enemny of us all. He is a danger to us all and he must be stopped.

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