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The Enraged Carnivore: How To Deal With The Meat-Eater's Rant

Consider this: if you were engaged with someone in a debate, and they happened to be gay and you told them that you're sick of hearing them preach about their rights, that they should keep their opinions to themselves, and that you are entitled to your own, homophobic opinions, they would remind you that it's not 1952 and to get with the times. They would remind you that we have emerged from the dark cave of suppressed human rights and we are the better for it. And they would remind you that while you may have the right to feel any way you want, you should probably keep out-dated opinions like that to yourself.

So why, then, is it ok for someone who loves their meat-eating ways to be cruel, hateful and preachy about the idiocy of your ways and at the same time defend their right despite the cruelty and environmental destruction associated with it? Beyond that, why is it ok that you are then asked to respect their opinion as they (clearly don't) respect yours? To those of you who understand food production and all of its problems, congratulations because you must already be vegan. But to those of you who espouse angry, hateful rhetoric and demand that we respect your opinion on meat consumption, for those of you who feel the need to voice an opinion rooted in cruelty, I have a few points I'd like to make:
Barney DuPlessis, Vegan Bodybuilder
Animal production for human consumption is the number one contributor to greenhouse gas emissions by a substantial margin. When you oppose the environmental argument, you are exposing your ignorance.

Animal production is almost always intensely cruel in its execution. When you oppose the compassion argument, you are also only exposing your own ignorance.

Animal protein is not understood by the general public, and the meat industry has worked hard to keep it that way. When you raise the protein argument, you are exposing your own ignorance and doing their dirty work at the same time by perpetuating false information. you are doing their dirty work by perpetuating false information Animal protein is not necessary - in fact it's harmful for the most part. For crying out loud, potatoes have enough protein for the human diet.

By simply adopting a cruelty-free diet that is kind to the environment as well, there is no implied contract that we will be perfect 100% of the time. We are human, we will sometimes make poor choices. Let he who is without sin...

Animal protein consumption is directly linked to heart disease and cancer. Irrefutably. Massive, large-scale studies have been done on this subject, and in counties that are now rapidly starting to adopt a Western meat-centred diet, these conditions are appearing in epidemic proportions.

Yes, we have incisor teeth, but so does the gorilla, a vegetarian. When you use that argument, you're really exposing your ignorance.

Just because we can ingest meat does not mean that we should. We may have had to for survival once-upon-a-time but we can now choose not to. Our bodies even release enzymes to fight foreign matter when we consume meat, recognizing it as harmful.

It is not your right, based on your traditions, your customs and your habits, to deny animals their freedom so you can harm them, enslave them and kill them. That’s not what rights are about. That’s injustice - Gary Yourofsky

Animal production for food requires about 10 times the resources to produce per calorie, in a world plagued by starvation.

Animal production emits more greenhouse gasses than the entire transportation industry.

Our rainforests are being decimated at a rate of a football field per second. A staggering 97% of it is for animal production. You may also know the term rainforest referred to as the lungs of the planet, something we will need down the road.

The time will come when men such as I will look upon the murder of animals as they now look upon the murder of men - Leonardo Da Vinci

More than half of the water used in the US is for animal production. Californians eating meat are creating their own drought in a way.

The animal production industry, including fishing and dairy, is wealthy and powerful. They lobby relentlessly to ensure that policy is made in their favour, with no concern for the environment or human health, only for profit.

In poor countries, grain that could be fed to starving humans is generally given priority to livestock, which can then be in turn sold to wealthier people in why are we being asked to respect an opinion that supports and endorses cruelty?developed nations. That must hard to stomach, even for the most hardened and vehement carnivore.

An animal's eyes have the power to speak a great language - Martin Buber

So, just as one would not expect a feminist to accept the sexist's viewpoint, and just as a homosexual would not be expected to acknowledge the homophobe's opinion, I ask again, why should we have to respect an opinion that supports and endorses cruelty? Please, give me just one reason why I should support a viewpoint that contributes to world hunger, massive deforestation, declining human health and massive greenhouse gas emissions?

I hold that the more helpless a creature, the more entitled it is to protection by man from the cruelty of man - Mohandas Gandhi

It is ludicrous to think that difference in opinion warrants mutual respect, especially when the opposing opinion in question not only stands for everything you are against but also appropriates suffering, defends oppression, and encourages the continuance of exploitation - Felix Samson

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An Open Letter To Our American Neighbours

Dear Citizens of the United States of America, our neighbours to the south, our friends,

We are writing you today because up here in Canada we are concerned - deeply concerned about what is happening down there.

In your insanely long election campaign process (our last federal one was 78 days, and that one set records) there is so much hate, racism, misogyny, and misinformation coming from your good ol' GOP, and in particular, from that bizzare-looking, silver-spoon weilding, multiple failed-business having Donald. Just the mere thought of him taking office makes most Canadians cringe. I don't think that you could find even one of us Canucks that likes this oaf. He is loathed as much as Gretzky is loved in our beautiful country. But you have spoken, and it's becoming clear that he is the favoured leader of this party, and by extension, the leader of what is now the world's pre-eminent hate group. The xenophobia, racism, intolerance and general desire to make America hate again is really starting to bug us. Scare us, actually.

Let me start by saying that we are a tolerant people - we say sorry even if it's your fault, we accept refugees from troubled parts of the world with open arms and we foster inclusion and acceptance. Maybe it's because we are not yet so full of anger. Our life is pretty nice up here, overall. Yes, we have some people that are still marginalized, but there are far less in numbers, and we are ashamed that we still have any at all. But we'e working on it as best we can. At least every single one of us has free healthcare. That's a beautiful thing, and if my government did not provide that, I would move to somewhere that did. Healthcare of the population is the first order of business, Healthcare is the first order of business, not world domination and military musclenot world domination and military muscle. And yes, you have a right to be angry because, amongst many other things, your government does not take care of it's basic obligations. How did you end up allowing them to do this? It seems bizarre and unfair from our humble vantage point. But hey, when your health, both physical and mental is in order, it's easier to see things clearly.

And so yes, we are concerned and we need to voice that. While I'll preface all of this with a good ol' Canadian sorry, I won't mince words here. You see, up here in the Great White North we observe your politics and your conflicts from a particularly unique vantage point. And from this slightly more socialist bent, we see things differently than you do. While there is much to admire about your great country, there is also so much that is deeply troubling, and because of your influence in the world, this is a big problem. And now you stand at a crossroads - a crossroads at which the fate of the world is at stake. On behalf of a generally much less divided country than yours, we plead that you make the sane choice for your next President.

We May Be Socialist But So Are You:

As the race continues for the nomination of your candidates, it seems more and more that this may end up a Sanders/Trump battle for the Presidency (or at least we hope Bernie makes the cut - he's very Canadian in his values). And, just as they represent two very polarized parties, they too represent such a wide gap in values and beliefs. But up here in Canada, a Trump would and could never rise to power as he has done in yours. And why is that? It's simple. It's because we are more socialist that you. I say more socialist because, whether you like it or not, you too are socialist to some degree. Socialism is not a dirty word - it provides us with universal health care, with a superior infrastructure (boy your roads are getting bad!) and a happier, healthier and more tolerant society. If socialism is a bad thing, then we clearly aren't doing it right because, like it or not, our people are better taken care of than yours. Yes, we are far from perfect, but we are also far better off.

Hate, it has caused a lot of problems in the world, but has not solved one yet - Maya Angelou

Now while I love your country and have travelled it extensively, it hurts to see you in constant decline. And constant bipartisan bickering. What happened to compromise? Was that not once a hallmark of your great country? What happened to people coming together, working together with partisanship and ensuring that your political system works for all of your people and not just a few elite? When did you become a fundamental religious country? And I'm not talking about the Muslims, I am talking about the Christians - they've gotten entirely out of hand. Take it from us, religion has no place in politics.

America The Beautiful:

But don't get me wrong - yours is a great country that has achieved great things and produced some of the world's greatest people. The natural beauty of your varied landscapes, your magnificent cities, your landmarks and historical sites, So many inspiring leaders, so many great works of art. You invented Jazz music. You produced Hemingway and Fitzgeraldovercoming slavery, overcoming so many obstacles and persevering when all seems lost. So many inspiring leaders, so many great works of art. You invented Jazz music. You produced Hemingway and Fitzgerald. You made Louis Armstrong and Nina Simone. From sea to shining sea, you are a truly great nation.

But you are letting it slip away because of your bickering, and because of that bickering you are going so far as to consider a man like Trump. With all due respect, you should be embarrassed at yourselves. That is not the stuff of a great leader - that is a bully and a dim-witted elite. That is a man who is normalizing racism and misogyny. When the white supremacists endorse you, you need to reconsider if what you are doing is good for the country you supposedly love.

America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves - Abraham Lincoln

Please Just Stop:

So as many of you somehow seriously consider Trump as a candidate for President, I urge you to stop and think. If he becomes your leader, you will find the world turning it's back on you. You will find a country divided, and a country turning back the clock on civil rights, the environment, and on foreign policy. Trump is an embarrassment to you, to the free world, and to Democracy. He is wholly unqualified to run your country, and he is only serving himself. Please think for a moment, and if you are turning to Trump because you are angry, then stop to think whether anger is getting you anywhere at all. If you want to make your country great again, all you need to do is take care of each other, plain and simple. United you stand, divided you fall.


Let no man pull you so low as to hate him - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

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